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Newsround through the years

Last Updated: Friday November 30 2007 14:53 GMT


John Craven
John Craven

Newsround started on 4 April 1972, with just three people and two typewriters, based in the corner of the BBC's foreign news room.

  • John Craven was the first presenter
  • The first series only lasted for six weeks, and went out twice a week. But it was such a success that it came back in September for six months.
  • John made sure Newsround looked a bit different to adult news programmes by sitting ON the desk rather than behind it
  • John claims he invented the "And Finally" - a fun story at the end of the programme But ITN don't agree and say they invented it. Newsround also got bigger in 1974 - it started going out 4 days a week.
  • John Craven

  • Newsround Extra was launched in 1975. These are longer, documentary-style programmes which go out a few times a year.
  • Newsround was being watched by about 5.5m children in 1975 - which was just over half of all 5 to 7-year-olds.
  • Newsround didn't have many people working for it in the 70s, so it was still using other BBC News reporters to tell kids about different news stories. One well-known journalist called Keith Graves, who reported on The Middle East, once said that he felt he had arrived when he came home from a warzone and his children - who'd previously not realised he worked on TV - said to him, "Daddy, daddy, I saw you on Newsround!"
  • Newsround was broadcast all year round from September 1979 - previously it had gone off air during the summer.

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