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Last Updated: Wednesday November 28 2007 16:52 GMT

Pants-eating dog has emergency op

Taffy in action

Most dogs are happy with pet food and occasional treats, but not Taffy - he likes pants, shoes and socks.

The springer spaniel went a paw too far when he wolfed down his 40th pair of pants, and ended up having an emergency operation to remove them.

Taffy has also scoffed 300 socks, 15 pairs of shoes and a key fob. Usually he gets rid of them by having a poo.

He's made a good recovery from his op and his owners are trying their best to stop it happening again.

Taffy lives with owners Sharon and Eubie Saayman and their son Liam in Tamworth, Staffordshire.


Mr Saayman, who's a vet, said: "We make jokes about it but it's actually very serious.

"Whenever he picks things up we tell him off and hopefully he drops it before he swallows it."

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