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Last Updated: Tuesday November 27 2007 14:08 GMT

Quiz: Great Fire of London

London now by night

Question 1

The fire started in a shop. Did it belong to:

A: A butcher
B: A baker
C: A candlestick maker

Question 2

Which road did it start on?

A: Pudding Lane
B: Supper Street
C: Snack Alley

Question 3

When did the Great Fire of London happen?

A: 1666
B: 1777
C: 1888

Question 4

Who wrote about the fire in a famous diary?

A: Adrian Mole
B: Samuel Pepys
C: Anne Frank

Question 5

Who was on the throne at the time?

A: Queen Victoria
B: King Henry VIII
C: King Charles II

Question 6

How long did the fire last?

A: One day
B: Four days
C: A week

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