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Last Updated: Monday December 03 2007 11:38 GMT

What's been your coolest school project?

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Kids at a school in the south of England have spent all term building a model of London as it was in the 1600s - now they're going to burn it down.

It's being done very safely and is all part of their lessons about the Great Fire of London.

It might seem a bit crazy, but it's something the pupils are unlikely to forget and will hopefully help them to remember more about the subject.

So what has been the coolest school project you've been involved with?

Have you been part of a record-breaking attempt or invented something great?

Do you think cool school projects help you understand subjects or are they just a waste of time?

Email and let us know!

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Your Comments

"At the beginning of term we made shelters out of binbags and bamboo poles. The teachers poured water on them and mine leaked. We were inside at the time!"

Edward, 11, Worcester, England

"We did a whole day on how Greeks lived."

Alice, 11, Nottingham, England

"When I was in Year 2 we did the same thing: burn down a model of London in the 1600s. It was exciting to watch and fun to make."

James, 12, London, UK

"My coolest project was when for homework we had to research and create our own family tree. It was fascinating looking at all of your ancestors and family that you have never heard of!"

Kirsty, 10, Epson, England "My coolest ever project was in year 5. I made an Egyptian mask out of paper mache and glue. I GOT SO MESSY!!"

Gary, 11, Somerset, England

"My coolest school project was last year in Design Technology. We were doing an architecture project and we all built our own house on a piece of land. We could do as many floors as we wanted and include what we was awesome!! I learnt so much!"

Megan, 13, Windsor, England

"We did a taste test in science club, it was cool."

Nikie, 8, Hertford, England

"My coolest project was when I did a mini-enterprise. We got to design clothes and shoes. And we all had to have a business and we only had a certain amount of money! We even got it in the paper!"

Jade, 12, Aberdeen, Scotland

"My favourite project is World War 2. We went to a real air-raid shelter. And it's really fun."

Alfie, 10, Brighton, England

"I enjoyed a people and place project, where we got to make up characters and houses."

Alex, 9, Troon, Scotland

"We did a project on the history of children's TV. On the last day of the project, we had to come in dressed as our favourite children's TV character. It was really funny!"

Hattie, 13, England

"My best project this year was when I had to write five radio plays about slavery. I didn't do well but I enjoyed it."

Amir, 13, Birmingham, England

"My coolest school project is a maths project. It may sound boring, but it was really fun. We had to make businesses and then we did maths around that."

Amelia, 11, England

"In my English lessons recently we have been doing feature articles, and have been planning to write one. We were doing ours all about food! The lesson before we started, we had a taste test and got to eat loads of different types of foods!"

Lizzie, 12, Blackpool, England

"My project was taking my teddy to school and making a bed for him. It was really fun."

Jamie-Lee, 6, Abingdon, England

"We did a Macbeth production and it was the most fun getting dressed up learning the script and trying not to forget our lines!"

Daniel, 11, Mablethorpe, England

"My favourite project has got to be the one we did on pizza! We got to make them then eat them."

Lauren, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"My coolest project was when we had to make a car out of cans and wood. That was my best memory of primary school!"

Reece, 11, Gravesend, UK

"For our science club we went to the Science Museum and we went to a special gallery only open to schools. We saw a presentation about explosions. They tried to fire a Barbie out of a cannon but it didn't work, so the lady just threw her."

Christine, 9, Romford, England

"The best project I did was about Vikings - it was so cool!"

Thomas, 8, Ballingry, Scotland

"We do lots of projects in my school, but my favourite one was last year when I was in Year 5 and we learnt about the Tudors. We went to Hooke Court in Dorset for three days and we lived like Tudors and we had a huge banquet. We also made Tudor houses and it was great fun. I absolutely loved it."

Louise, 11, Southampton, England

"At primary school we had to dress up as Victorians. We had a photo made and little blackboards we had to write on! It was brilliant!"

Hannah, 13, Tisbury, England

"My coolest project was a grass-growing project."

Harry, 11, Tonbridge, England

"My favourite one was probably the Victorians."

Martha, 9, Somerset, England

"Our best project was called blast from the past. We had to dress up in clothes from different decades."

Bethany, 12, Singapore

"I have do lots of projects at my school but my best has to be food technology because you can eat what you have made at the end of lt."

James, 11, Hampshire, England

"The best thing which we did was about Ancient Greece, and we got to act out different plays. We got to play with the games that they did!"

Bethany, 12, Argyll, Scotland

"In science we were filmed for Teachers TV and we had to drink five cups of cola for the project. My group went hyper and could not do it properly."

Laurie, 13, London, England

"I liked it when we made musical instruments in art and the best ones got a prize. It was cool."

Faatima, 10, Birmingham, England

"Once in Year Three we made chairs, only tiny ones though. It was so fun, as we had loads of different material to choose from!"

Isabelle, 10, New Malden, England

"There's always been one project I did that always stuck in my mind! It was when my class made computer games during our ICT lessons! It was great as we were the first class in the school to do it! We got to choose locations for the game, add rooms, add secret passageways, make things to collect, make players and make enemies! It was the best!"

Lamin, 12, Birmingham, England

"After each test week we get to choose out of a few projects and then we'll be working on that for two days! It's really fun! Me and my friends made a huge painting! But in the end we had as much paint on ourselves as on the painting."

Casandra, 12, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"My coolest school project was when we made erupting volcanoes in science."

Isabella, 11, Italy

"My favourite project would have to be the Aztecs because a couple who had been to Mexico and some Aztec experts came in for a day. They showed us (Year 6) all their sports and gods."

Josh, 11, Dorset, England

"The BEST project ever was when we turned our classroom into the great hall out of Harry Potter for a year. There were secret portals and knights. It was SO cool!"

Mhairi, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"When I was in Year Six we did an Egyptian project! We got to dress up and have an Egypt day!"

Beth, 13, St Helens, England

"The most fun school project I have ever done was make a sweet shop out of anything we wanted. It could be made of sweets or cardboard - everyone's looked great!"

Sam, 13, Stroud, England

"My coolest school project is the one I'm working on now. I am designing and making fairground rides. Mine is a giant skeleton with arms coming out and they swing about."

Matthew, 11, St Albans, England

"My best project was in science class. We made balloons with explosive gas in it and blew them up in the basketball court!"

Taylor, 12, Dusseldorf, Germany

"My teacher told us to do something with history, a project chosen by ourselves. So I did the history of Doctor Who!"

Zara, 10, Crawley, England

"I hate projects because most of them are really boring. You should be able to choose what school projects you can do. Like you could choose an art project and someone else could choose a history project."

Sophie, 12, Biston, England

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