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Last Updated: Monday November 26 2007 05:56 GMT

Greyhounds need new homes

Phillip and his greyhound, Kelly

Thousands of greyhounds every year are left homeless because they aren't quick enough to take part in races.

Some of them are too old, some get injured, and others just aren't fast enough to be a racing dog.

Many of the dogs that don't make it on the track are put down or given to rescue centres.

Not many of them are taken in by families as some people think they don't make great pets as they're worried they need too much exercise.

But that's not the case, according to dog expert Richard Moore from the Dogs Trust.

The Dog's Trust animal centre
He told Newsround: "I think a lot of people have misunderstandings about greyhounds.

"They're big dogs and they think they need loads of exercise, but generally the dogs have a quick blast around the park and then they're couch potatoes for the rest of the day."

Brilliant pets

Philip's family decided a greyhound was the perfect pet for them, so they took in Kelly.

Philip told Newsround that Kelly is a brilliant pet, and said she only needs a 20 minute walk each day.

He added that her favourite meal is minted lamb stew with tripe. Nice!

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