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Last Updated: Friday November 23 2007 06:00 GMT

Golden Compass star chats to NR

Dakota Blue Richards

Move over Harry Potter, there's a new film in town!

The Golden Compass - the film version of Philip Pullman's best-selling book Northern Lights - is set to be one of the biggest films of the year.

Its star is 13-year-old Dakota Blue Richards, who beat thousands of other hopefuls to the part of Lyra after hearing about the open auditions on Newsround!

She met up with Lizo to tell him all about the film and her new life as a film star.

You're about to become world famous. How does it feel?

It does scare me a bit. I still don't feel like it's all completely real.

I feel like I'm just going to wake up one day and it's all going to be a dream and none of it ever happened. But it's kind of exciting as well.

Have you felt much pressure over how to play the role of Lyra?

So many people have read Northern Lights and imagined Lyra so it's quite hard. You want to live up to how people have imagined her, but you have to be how you imagine her as well.

What was it like working with Nicole Kidman?

Dakota with Nicole Kidman in The Golden Compass
The Golden Compass is released on 5 December 2007
Before I met her I was like, 'Mum, mum, it's Nicole Kidman!' and she was like 'Oh, you don't say...' and I was like, 'yeah, but it's NICOLE KIDMAN!'.

I was just getting really hyper and kind of shy and then I walked in and just said 'Hi'.

Are you going to do the movie of the Subtle Knife?

Hopefully. If they decide to shoot the next two then I think it would be fun to do them.

They're saying that if they do do the next two, parts of them would be shot in Spain and it would be fun to actually go somewhere.

So has the film given you a taste for life as a Hollywood superstar?

I would like to carry on acting, but I don't want to do it as a full-time job. I would like to be a supply teacher.

Don't you think that would be difficult as a film star?

It might be, but I'd have to prove myself as a teacher and make them concentrate!

Finally Dakota, a question we've just got to ask.... what would your demon be?

It could be either a ring-tailed lemur, a white hare or a hedgehog.

Why a hedgehog?

Because they're so cute. They're funny the way they roll up into a little ball - except it wouldn't be very nice because they'd probably get run over and there's not much you can do if your demon gets run over!

I'd have a ring-tailed lemur because when they're active they're jumping about and having real fun and stuff and when they're tired they just sit there.

I fell in love with them because I saw one in a hammock and I just thought it was so cool.

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