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Last Updated: Thursday November 22 2007 16:44 GMT

In pictures: Kids speak out about England's footie crisis

Eloise, 10

Everyone's talking about England crashing out of Euro 2008 after their 3-2 defeat against Croatia. Eloise said she felt depressed because it was "a really rubbish game".

Scott Carson and D'Angelo

D'Angelo described England goalie Scott Carson as "the worst goalie ever". "England weren't defending at all and Croatia kept getting the ball round them and scoring," he added.


Not everyone agreed. George said: "I thought England did play well, but they should have defended a lot better and the chances they had to score they should have just put away."


Elshad had a simple match summary: "The game was really rubbish and both the manager AND the players should be blamed."


Harriet said even her mum was disappointed and she doesn't support footie! "The game made me feel quite angry because they used to play well and now it seems like they don't care."

Kai, 10 and Peter Crouch

Kai thought Peter Crouch was the best player on the night, but didn't agree with Steve McClaren getting the sack: "Now we're going to have to wait ages to get a new manager."

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