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Last Updated: Thursday November 22 2007 15:52 GMT

Why I love tennis

Press Packer Priyanka

Press Packer Priyanka is crazy about tennis and she says it's not all about the winning.

Here's her story.

"I first got the bug for tennis when I used to play in the park with my dad and sister. I then started proper tennis lessons when I was aged seven.

I like playing tennis because it's a great way to relax and keep fit.

Every Friday, I go to tennis club. My instructor is called Sam. First we practise forehands, then backhands and then serves. We also play games too.

Our tennis standard is graded by different colours. Beginners start off at red level three, then red two and then red one. We then move onto orange grades and finally the green levels. At the moment I am orange level two.

Tiger Tim

My favourite player is Tim Henman. Even though he has now retired, I still think of him as a role model.

Every now and then, I play in tournaments. But it does not matter if I win or lose, as I just want to have fun.

Whilst none of my friends play tennis, I have made some nice friends at the tennis club."

Priyanka, 10, Slough

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