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Last Updated: Wednesday November 21 2007 08:35 GMT

Super-sized sea scorpion revealed

Sea-scorpion Jaekelopterus rhenaniae - Simon Powell/PA Wire

The remains of a super-sized sea monster bigger than a person have been found by scientists in Germany.

The scary looking scorpion was around 2.5 metres long, and grabbed its food with claws that measured 46cm.

It's the biggest sea scorpion ever found, and experts think other beasties like insects, spiders and crabs were loads bigger millions of years ago.

The creature has been given the name Jaekelopterus rhenaniae, and lived between 460 and 255m years ago.

One of the scientists working on the project, Dr Simon Braddy, said: "This is an amazing discovery.

"We have known for some time that the fossil record yields monster millipedes, super-sized scorpions, colossal cockroaches and jumbo dragonflies, but we never realised until now just how big some of these ancient creepy-crawlies were," he added.

Scientists aren't sure why some of the beasties around millions of years ago were so huge, but think it may have been because they had bigger food to snack on.

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