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Last Updated: Tuesday November 20 2007 17:15 GMT

Pics: Kids' cracking inventions

The Washer Upper

There'll be no more arguing over the washing up thanks to this Washer Upper invention. It's one of the winning designs in the Cracking Ideas competition to find the inventors of the future.

The Dog It All invention

Primary school kids from across the UK have been taking part. This was the regional winner from the Midlands - it's an automatic dog walking and feeding machine.

The Waker-Upper 3000

The Waker-Upper 3000 will keep you awake when you're doing really boring homework. It's got a mallet to tap you on the head and even a jet of cold water to spray in your face!

The WBC - Window, Bathroom Cleaner

A cardboard tube, coloured paper, kitchen sponge and yoghurt pots were made to use this extendable window cleaner.

Helpful hands

Just what you need after a hard day at school - this Helpful Hands invention does everything from reaching for the TV remote to blowing your nose and massaging your face!

The Pollution Demolition machine

The Pollution Demolition Machine takes pollution out of the air, stores it inside the machine and then releases the clean air back into the environment.

Inventors of the Waker-Upper 3000 collecting their prize

With so many great designs the judges had a hard job to pick an overall winner, but it was the creators of the Waker-Upper 3000 who walked away with the prize. Well done guys!

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