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Last Updated: Tuesday November 20 2007 16:16 GMT

America hit by 'worst drought'

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada is one of the areas that's been hit by the drought

You might be fed up of all the rain at the moment, but imagine if there was no rain for more than a year!

That's what's happened in parts of America, where some states in the south are suffering their worst drought for more than 100 years.

The worst-hit areas include Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia where water to wash and drink with is now only available for a few hours a day.

The water shortage is also affecting animals and farming across the states.

A map showing the worst-hit states in America
These states are the worst-hit states in America
Water reserves are slowly drying up and, if the dry weather carries on for much longer, experts reckon the reserves could be completely dry by January.

Fingers crossed

That means everyone's having to be really careful with the tiny water supplies they've got left.

In Tennessee, the water is only switched on for a few hours a day, and sometimes not at all, so residents make sure they keep enough to live on.

In the meantime, people are keeping everything crossed that it will start to rain sooner rather than later.

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