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Last Updated: Tuesday November 20 2007 13:22 GMT

Film review: Fred Claus

Fred Claus

Release date

30 November (cert PG)

The stars

Quite a few big names in this. Vince Vaughn plays Fred Claus. You might recognise him - he's often the funny sidekick in movies.

Paul Giamatti (from The Nanny Diaries) is Santa himself and Kevin Spacey, who played Lex Luther in the recent Superman remake, has a role as... you've guessed it... another baddie! He's so good at that!

The plot

It's simple. Imagine if Santa Claus had an older brother who was a nice boy, but kind of overshadowed by the goodie goodie Saint Nick?

Fred Claus tried to be a kind big brother, but over time he got fed up of always being labelled the bad kid. This is the story of how the two brothers grow up, grow apart and eventually, find each other and make peace.

Bests bits

Seeing how Santa's workshop at the North Pole might work. No-one knows for sure, of course, but this seems like a pretty good guess and we see how, in the run-up to Christmas, things get REALLY hectic up there!

We find out how Santa works out what you want for Christmas and even how he delivers all of those millions of presents on Christmas Eve.

And we discover why Santa's a bit porky round the middle - all those cookies and mince pies you guys leave out for him! Got to keep the energy levels up though - in this movie we see just how busy things get!

Fave characters

Fred Claus
Vince Vaughn is great as Fred Claus. He's not a bad person, but life has dealt him a bit of a rough blow, always trying to keep up with his famous brother - and he's always getting into bother.

Fred's got the gift of the gab though and watching him try to talk his way out of a sticky situation is really funny. His little friend Slam is also super cool and very cute.

Kevin Spacey plays the bad guy so well and he really gives you the creeps in this.

Any weak bits?

It's kind of annoying that everyone at the North Pole is American. Are they really?! Also when the Claus brothers are little they seem to be living several hundred years ago in eastern Europe - so how they get from there to modern day America is kind of confusing!

Hit or miss?

If you're in the mood for getting all Christmassy - this is about as festive as you can get. It's snow, it's prezzies, it's Santa's grotto. See it and get excited for 25 December!

NR rating:

NR rating