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Last Updated: Tuesday November 27 2007 11:00 GMT

What cool thing would you invent?

A soldier cutting invention
A device to cut soldiers for a boiled egg

The best young inventors in the country are being rewarded at the Cracking Ideas show.

The top ideas this year include a hat to keep you awake when doing homework and a machine that walks and feeds dogs so you don't have to!

But what great thing would you invent?

  • A machine that does your homework for you?
  • A gadget that makes you invisible?
  • Or a time travel machine so you could join The Doctor on his adventures?

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Your Comments

"I would make a flying chair that would fly you to school and back everyday. That would be really fun!"

Zoe, 10, Harrogate, England

"I would make a potion to stop mums nagging."

Lloyd, 9, South Ayrshire, Scotland

"I would make a girls-only alarm and put it on the TV so my brother couldn't watch it."

Lauren, 10, Nicosia, Cyprus

"I would invent a portable lie detection machine. Perfect for pranks."

Jose, 12, Lima, Peru

"If I could invent anything, I'd invent a device that stops adults from talking. If they started to shout I'd point it at them and make life bliss."

Kerri, 13, Newry, Northern Ireland

"I would invent a pair of really cute shoes that would grow with my feet."

Katie, 11, Chagrin Falls, USA

"I would invent a friend maker. If you were lonely you could ask it to make a friend for you and out of its chute it would make a completely new person for you to play with."

Paige, 8, Barrow, England

"If I was super smart I would invent a speed limit sign that wouldn't let you go past the speed limit, even if you floor it."

Callum, 12, Doncaster, England

"I would make a robot that could do all my schoolwork and all my homework!"

Alexander, 10, Wellingborough, England

"I would invent a school with no homework and lessons - just lessons on how to eat chocolate and cool stuff!"

Ellie, 10, Plymouth, England

"If I had to invent a "cool thing" I'd invent something so unique to the others, well I would make a machine that cures diseases. It would not only help patients, but doctors too."

Lauren, 11, Wolverhampton, England

"I would invent a dream recorder so that in the morning I could watch my dreams from the night before."

Jasmine, 11, Lancaster, England

"My invention is a robotic hand and you insert anyone's blood or DNA into the machine and it writes in their handwriting! Ideal for prank Valentine letters!"

Sam, 11 and 3/4, Orkney, Scotland

"My invention is a vacuum that lasers out all the dust and puts your room back to its normal state. Then you attach a plug to a computer and you can make your own background for your room. Once you have made your background you save it onto the vacuum and you press a button that changes your room."

Claire, 10, Clapham, England

"I want a machine that does my homework please. I have homework and I hate it. I'd give my left hand for no homework."

Jordan, 10, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"I would invent a robot that would tidy up my bedroom."

Alex, 6, Worcester, England

"I would invent something that makes vegetables taste good, because I hate them a lot."

Jade, 12, Wycombe, England

"I would invent a gadget that looks like a small game, but when you press a button it turns into a car, then a motorbike, then a submarine, then a bungalow."

Meryam, 11, Slough, England

"I would have a robot that helped me in school but is invisible!"

Sophia, 11, Miami State, USA

"I'd like to invent a robot that does what ever I tell him."

Rebecca, 10, Barnstaple, England

"We would love our homework to be done by a machine xx."

Kayleigh and Clara, 11, Belvedere, England

"I would love to invent a mini washing machine that would only wash my clothes!"

Rukhsar, 12, Slough, UK

"I would invent an outfit that could change to whatever I wanted it to be. So one minute I could be wearing trackies and then, if I saw someone I knew, I could press a button and change into a fab outfit!"

Emma, 12, Tottenham, England

"I'd like to invent high heel shoes that can change into comfy flat shoes at the touch of a button."

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