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Last Updated: Tuesday November 20 2007 07:09 GMT

I'm in a recycling club!

Rubbish waiting to be recycled

Press Packer Hannah is part of a recycling club at her school. And now she's got the litter bug!

Here's her story.

"If I see a piece of litter when I'm walking down the street, I just have to pick it up!

Otherwise, I know it will just blow away for someone else to pick up. The more rubbish we drop, the more messy our towns will look.

When I was walking on a beach near where I live, I saw some rubbish. It was an empty can of fizzy drink, a plastic bottle and a sandwich packet.

I don't understand why people leave litter on the beach when is there a bin nearby.

Going green
Hannah collecting rubbish

I'm part of a recycling club at school. Our club has three members and I help empty the paper bins every day.

I also help send leaflets to pupils within my school. The leaflets ask pupils to bring in their old mobile phones for recycling. If they do, they may receive a prize. I brought in my old mobile phone and I received a skipping rope!

It's really important to recycle and I'd like to see everyone do their bit."

Hannah, 12, Suffolk

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