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Last Updated: Friday November 16 2007 11:57 GMT

Mediterranean sharks 'in danger'

A sand tiger shark

Nearly half of the sharks and rays that live in the Mediterranean Sea are in danger of becoming extinct, according to wildlife experts.

They're under threat because of too much fishing and because the wrong fish are being accidentally caught in nets.

The destruction of the places they live is another reason sharks are in danger, says the World Conservation Union.

It says more should be done to protect shark and ray species to make sure they're not wiped out.

At the moment, there are no limits on the amount of sharks and rays you can catch in the Mediterranean Sea.

'Rules ignored'

But the World Conservation Union says new rules passed to protect them have been ignored by fishermen and governments.

The Maltese skate and the angular roughshark are two of the species named most at risk in the survey.

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