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Last Updated: Friday November 16 2007 08:47 GMT

New type of dinosaur is unveiled

The elephant-sized dinosaur Nigersaurus taqueti with the scientist who unveiled him

Dinosaur experts have unveiled a model of a dinosaur which had a mouth a bit like a vacuum cleaner.

It's called the Nigersaurus taqueti and experts made the model after finding its ancient bones in the Sahara desert in Africa about 10 years ago.

They say the vegetarian had a funny looking mouth which worked like a vacuum sucking up ferns and leaves.

The elephant-sized creature had more than 50 columns of teeth and grazed on grass all day - a bit like a cow.

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'Darth Vader' look

Dinosaur expert Paul Sereno said the 9m long creature had an unusual look: "It looked like a Darth Vader dinosaur."

A team of scientists from the National Geographic Society used fossilised bones and computers to help work out what the Nigersaurus looked like.

It's thought it roamed Earth around 110 million years ago.

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