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Last Updated: Thursday November 15 2007 05:47 GMT

Museum trip unearths new dinosaur

Mike Taylor and the bone

A student discovered a new type of dinosaur while on a trip to a museum!

Dinosaur expert Mike Taylor spotted a bone which he didn't recognise and realised that he was looking at something from an unknown creature.

The new type of dinosaur has been called Xenoposeidon and roamed the earth around 140 million years ago.

The bone had been dug up in Sussex, England, in the 1890s and has been in the Natural History Museum, London, since then.

Xenoposeidon belongs to a family of dinos that were vegetarian and could weigh up to 70 tonnes - which is about as heavy as 12 elephants.

Dino quiz
T Rex
Dino expert Mr Taylor said that the bone is an important find because it may show that this creature is part of a new family of dinosaurs.

Mr Taylor, who is studying dinosaurs, added: "The Natural History Museum collection is so huge that it's impossible for anyone to know everything that's in there."

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