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The Worst Thing Ever

Last Updated: Wednesday March 26 2008 13:48 GMT

YOUR top tips on coping with divorce

For many kids, watching their parents' relationship break down has been the hardest thing they've ever had to cope with.

The Worst Thing Ever? is packed with top tips from kids who've got through the split.

Check out what some of them had to say - and read some of the advice YOU sent in underneath.

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Your advice

"When I felt upset, I used to sit on my top bunk bed and think or read as it felt like a place away from the rest of the world! And although sometimes I still feel sad about my parents divorcing, them being happy is better than them arguing."

Lottie, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"Try to spend equal time with each of your parents so they feel loved."

Liam, 11, Tunbridge Wells, England

"Try not to get too worried or stressed about it as it will be all right."

Shelby, 12, Bolton, England

"Remember it is not your fault and your parents still love you."

Sean, 13, Basingstoke, England

"I used to think it was my fault, even though I know it wasn't really - and my advice is not to try to stop your mum or dad leaving if it is going to make them happier."

Jamie, 13, Wirral, England

"I talked to my friends a lot which really helped made me feel better."

Sarah-Jane, 13, Bradford, England

"I think it is good to talk it through with someone and it really made me feel better when I gave my dog a hug!"

Izzi, 10, Norwich, England

"I try not to think about it too much. You just have to accept that some people's parents are divorced."

Alex, 11, Tenby, Wales

"Remember it is about them - and not about you."

Nadia, 10, London, England

"Some of my friends at school also have parents who are divorced and I spoke to them about it, which helped a bit."

Lois, 10, Reading, England

"My advice is to try to be brave and remember it means you'll get two sets of presents on your birthday and Christmas!"

Ashleigh, 12, Nottinghamshire, England

"I spoke to my best friend about it and also read a book about divorce which really helped - I even recommended it to my friend!"

Mia, 9, Fife, Scotland

"My advice is to be positive. Divorce isn't always bad. Both my mum and dad have remarried and I have a new baby sister!"

Millie, 12, Wolverhampton, England

"Remember that if parents don't want to be together, then divorce can be the best thing."

Mia, 11, Derbyshire, England

"If your parents are divorcing, it can be sad - but it doesn't stay terrible forever. Things will get better."

Kate, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Divorce isn't always a bad thing as it is not fair on your parents to stay together if they're not happy."

Ellie, 13, Birmingham, England

"Some of my friends have parents who are split up and they gave me lots of advice and support. I think it important to cry it all out if you feel stressed. It helped me feel better!"

Amy, 11, Redditch, England

"I try to remember that it happens to loads of people and I am not the only person with divorced parents."

Georgia, 10, Bromsgrove, England

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