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Last Updated: Thursday November 15 2007 05:53 GMT

Stop dumping rubbish in my local pond

Press Packer Lucy
Press Packer Lucy is annoyed with people who throw litter in her local pond.

Here's her story.

"Near to where I live, we have a beautiful dew pond that I think would be a much more safe and a happier place to be, if people would stop dumping their rubbish into it.

The dew pond is quite a small pond, and it's starting to turn brown and dangerous.

When I was walking my dog one day, a lady passing by said I shouldn't let my dog into the pond because of wire and rubbish.

Dangerous world

My friends and I are disappointed because we think it would be a lovely place to go after school and a great place for our dogs to swim.

Places in the UK are becoming much dirtier because people don't pick up their rubbish. We should keep it clean and make the world a nicer place to live, because we don't want to live in a dangerous world full of rubbish.

Everyone should try and make our lives pleasant and clean to make the world a happy place to live."

Lucy, 10, Sussex

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