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Last Updated: Wednesday November 14 2007 05:44 GMT

Don't call me names because I wear glasses

Press Packer Sophie

Press Packer Sophie doesn't think it's right that you get called names if you wear glasses.

Here's her story.

"I have been wearing glasses for two years now and I get furious when people pick on children who wear glasses like myself.

I hate that we are considered geeks.

Why do bullies pick on people like me?

All my school friends don't care and don't mind the fact I wear glasses and am reasonably smart.

Hard to ignore

But it can be different in other places like holiday clubs and even roller rinks.

I try hard to ignore them but I always get involved in an argument so I walk away.

Raise awareness

I want everyone to know that we're just the same as everyone else.

Just because we wear glasses, doesn't mean we have to be labelled or be called names.

I want to raise awareness about this issue and hope it can be stopped."

Sophie, 10, Manchester

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