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Last Updated: Friday November 09 2007 13:05 GMT

Commonwealth Games go to Glasgow

Celebrations in Glasgow

Britain has scored yet another sporting success - with the Scottish city of Glasgow being chosen to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Two years ago, London was selected to stage the 2012 Olympics.

This decision means that some top athletes will be competing in huge UK-based events twice in two years.

Glasgow saw off competition from the Nigerian city Abuja in being picked. The decision was made after a meeting of top Games officials in Sri Lanka.

Scotland's top politician, Alex Salmond, who travelled to Sri Lanka with the Glasgow team, said: "We will make these Games the greatest sporting event our country has ever seen."

Celebrations in Glasgow


"It's up to us all now to keep building the buzz to make sure we put on an electrifying Games and to make sure that we make the most of this wonderful opportunity."

In 2010, Wales is hosting massive golf contest the Ryder Cup.

The Rugby Football Union is intending to bid for the 2015 Rugby World Cup and the Football Association wants to be in the running to host the 2018 World Cup.

After the Commonwealth Games announcement, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: "It's looking like a great sporting decade for our country."