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Last Updated: Thursday November 08 2007 18:23 GMT

In pictures: Kids speak out about Pakistan

Police on duty while protestors march through the streets of Pakistan

Thousands of children in the UK are worried about people in their families who live in Pakistan because there's been lots of trouble and fighting there.

Protestors gather in Pakistan

Pakistan has been placed under something called emergency rule by its president, but lots of people are protesting because they don't think its fair.

Some of the kids who spoke to Newsround

Newsround spoke to some schoolkids who've got family living in Pakistan. They said they wanted to see the country become a peaceful place with no fighting.

Sidra, 10

Sidra, 10, (second from the right) said she thought the situation is really sad: "People are getting killed and I don't like the sound of it. I've spoken to my mum's mum and she said she was ok but she's a bit worried."

Saad, 10

Ten-year-old Saad said he was worried a bomb might go off near his family's home: "I've spoken to them and said 'how do you feel out there?' and they said they were a bit worried."

Some of the kids who spoke to Newsround

When asked what he wanted to happen in Pakistan, Saad added: "I want Pakistan to be calm for people to be nice to each other."

Khaver, 10

Khaver said: "I would like to see Pakistan be a free country with no fights and no explosions and for all the politicians to be friends."

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