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Last Updated: Thursday November 08 2007 17:12 GMT

In pictures: Man pulls bus with ears

Sonali and Manjit Singh

Sonali caught up with Manjit Singh - who was trying to break a world record by pulling a double decker bus, with his EARS!

Manjit Singh puts the special equipment on his ears

Manjit hoped to pull the 7.5 tonne bus 10m to kick off the third annual Guinness World Records Day. Here he is fixing special equipment on his ears.

Ouch! Manjit Singh's ears

OUCH! That looks painful. Earlier this year, he pulled a passenger plane weighing 7.4 tonnes for 3.4m.

Manjit Singh gets ready to pull

Now for the rope. He already holds several other records, including one for pulling a double decker with his HAIR and another for lifting 85kg with his EARS.

Testing out the rope

The rope is attached and it's time to try for the record. Makes you wince thinking about it doesn't it?

Manjit Singh tries to pull the bus

And now he leans back - but will the bus move enough for him to set a new world record?

Manjit Singh at first pull

Manjit puts all his strength into it, but the bus isn't moving. It rolls only 5m so sadly there's no new record for Manjit.

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