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Last Updated: Tuesday November 13 2007 16:41 GMT

Tell us your chickenpox stories


Have YOU had chickenpox?

How did you get it? What was it like? How long did it take you to get better?

Experts are worried about the effect of the illness and have called for kids to have a jab to stop them getting it.

What do you think about this?

Maybe you haven't had chickenpox? Does this worry you?

Email and let us know.

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Your comments

"When I had chickenpox I was in so much agony. I got it from my sister. I had it in my nose and throat. I never want it again!!!!!!"

Bahar, 11, London, England

"I had chickenpox and it was really nasty. It was on my face and legs. I had to stay home for weeks."

Saad, Leyton, England

"When I was six I had chickenpox all over my face. It really itched and lefts lots of scars."

Shaun, nine, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I had chickenpox and I was fine! The spots were itchy but apart from that I enjoyed the time off school."

Cecily, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"When I was 7 I got bad chickenpox and passed them onto my friend Becky, she was really ill."

Chelsei, 13, Barnsley, England

"When I had chickenpox I had them when I was 9. Now I have a chickenpox scar on my head shaped as a number 9."

Ava, 13, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"I had chickenpox when I was about 2, they were really itchy and I still have a scar on my head now!"

Yasmin, 12, Weymouth, England

"I had chickenpox in year 2 and I had to go into school to do my SATS. Obviously I had to sit in solitary confinement to do the test. When I went back to school, when I was better, no-one would some near me, so I had to sit on my own table for about two weeks."

Hattie, 13, England

"I remember! It was really horrible and I remember I had a huge chicken pox on my hip and it was months until it went away."

Bethany, 12, Lochgilphead, Scotland

"I had them when I was five and they were horrible, really itchy. Then I had them on the bottom of my feet so I couldn't walk!"

Anna, 11, Orpington, England

"When I had chickenpox I had them in my mouth and I could not eat for a week."

Euan, 10, Nottingham, England

"I got it a little when I was 2, it was itchy but the more I itched the worse they got."

Alex, 8, Dartford, England

"I've had them but I know a baby who had them when he was six weeks old, which can be dangerous for a baby that old."

Becky, 10, Clevedon, England

"Every time someone gets chickenpox in my school I have to have the booster injection. I have no immunity to chickenpox because I am on immune-suppressants. I think it would be good for other children to have a jab against chickenpox."

Callum, 8, Thirsk, England

"I had chickenpox when I was four, my sister had it at the same time. I was off school for six weeks and it took seven weeks to completely clear up."

Lucy, 11, Solihull, England

"When I was seven, I got them everywhere and it took a week to heal."

Oliver, 11, Stafford, England

"I got chickenpox a couple of years ago. It was awful and I felt really uncomfortable and ill. My family cancelled our holiday because of it."

Emily, 10, London, England

"It was horrible. They really hurt and it was so hard not to scratch them."

Georgina, 12, Boston, England

"I had chickenpox on my first day in year one, so I had to go home and miss it. I have photos of me on my first day before I saw them on my tummy. I have a scar next to my belly button still and I had them for about two weeks."

Jessica, 13, Sheffield, England

"I had chickenpox when I was four or five years old. My aunt, my cousin, my mum and me got it off each other after a trip to France. They were itchy, I think it took one or two weeks to get rid of them. I have had them only once."

Alice, 12, Harlow, England

"I had chickenpox on St. Patrick's Day and I could not go to the parade."

Aoife, 10, Athenry, Ireland

"My brother started a whole chickenpox epidemic in school! He got them and then I got them, but the day I got them it was my holy communion! I had already had them when I was six as well! Then when I was better, all my friends got it!"

Marnie, 10, Wallasey, England

"I had chickenpox when I was five, which was very lucky because my brother had it only a few months ago and has lots of scars from scratching. I think there should be a quick cure, so that children that can catch it can lose it very quickly."

Emma, 10, Ealing, England

"I had mine last year and they were really itchy. I still have the marks where the spots were."

Lauren, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"I thought they were really itchy! I took me a week to get better."

Katie, 8, Aylesbury, England

"I had chickenpox when I was one. I can't remember much, but I know it was very itchy. I had the chickenpox for two weeks."

Leah, 10, Scarborough, England

"Mine were mega itchy. It took donkey's years for them to go away!"

Jade, 10, Tyne and Wear, England

"My chickenpox was really itchy and it took me weeks to get rid of them!"

Tom, 8, Hoyland, UK

"I don't like chickenpox because I had them on my seventh birthday."

Joe, 8, Barnsley, UK

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