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Last Updated: Monday November 05 2007 14:53 GMT

Trouble breaks out in Pakistan

Police stand guard during demonstrations in Pakistan

There's been trouble in Pakistan after President Pervez Musharraf decided to force emergency laws on the country.

He's sacked Pakistan's top judge saying that the Supreme Court was disrupting his government.

Lots of people are unhappy because they think the President is just trying to protect his role as leader.

The old Supreme Court was about to decide if it was OK for Gen Musharraf to have run for President last month while he was still head of the Army.

Some experts say the decision might have gone against him so, instead of risking losing his Presidency, he announced he was declaring emergency rule over the country.

What happens under emergency rule
Police get more powers to arrest people
Suspects can be denied access to lawyers
There are restrictions on where people can go
Private TV stations are taken off air
New rules to restrict media coverage of some events
The top judge is replaced
Emergency rule means having lots of restrictions.

News programmes and newspapers which are not controlled by the government have been stopped and people aren't allowed to protest about what's going on.

But thousands of people have been ignoring the ban and staging demonstrations across Pakistan, which police have been breaking up using tear gas and batons.

Hundreds of people have been arrested.

Elections planned

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said all the political parties wanted Pakistan to return to normal.

Benazir Bhutto only recently returned to the country after eight years away to lead her party in the parliamentary elections that had been planned for January.

Other leaders around the world say they're very concerned about the situation and want to see Pakistan return to democratic rule as soon as possible.

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