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Last Updated: Sunday November 04 2007 11:34 GMT

Spacewalk fixes torn solar panel

Astronaut Scott Parazynski at the start of the spacewalk

Astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) have carried out a tricky spacewalk to fix a solar panel.

The solar wing got ripped when it was being put into position at the end of the ISS on Tuesday.

One of the astronauts had to loosen a wire that got caught up and caused the tears, before patching the rips with special "cufflinks".

The solar panels are needed to provide extra electricity for two laboratories that are due to be fitted to the ISS.

The repair mean the wing can now be used properly locked in position.

Panel tear (Nasa)
The torn solar panel has to be fixed
The spacewalk was more dangerous than most as part of the torn solar panel could have given astronaut Scott Parazynski a really powerful shock if he accidentally touched it.

His space suit and tools were given a special padding, called insulation, to help to protect him as he fixed the damage.

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