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Last Updated: Friday November 02 2007 18:34 GMT

DVD review: Doctor Who series three

David Tennant and Freema Agyeman

Release Date
5th November

What's on it?
The 2006 Christmas Special and all the episodes from 2007. And loads of extras.

Who's it aimed at?
Doctor Who fans range from people who enjoy catching the odd episode when it's on, to those who've seen every story over and over again, and are desperate for as much extra info as possible. This box set should keep everyone happy with all the Series three episodes along with hours of extras.

What's the series like?
Series three is probably the best series of Doctor Who so far with some outstanding stories like Blink, Human Nature and Utopia. David Tennant is on great form. And Freema Agyeman as new companion Martha quickly fits in well.

Which are the best bits?
David Tennant's video diaries have him videoing himself across the whole series, and he tells us his thoughts at different parts of the nine-month filming shoot.

Freema's studio tour gives a few hints at what's on the way in this year's Christmas special - Voyage of the Damned.

There's a hidden surprise on one of the DVDs. If you watched the series on TV you might be able to guess which episode it's connected to.

What else is on it?
There are a few deleted scenes that don't really add that much to the story - although in one David Tennant does give us a bit more information about himself!

A few funny outtakes.

Commentaries where various actors and behind the scenes people talk about the episodes as they watch it. As you'd expect there's a fair amount of people congratulating other people's work on the series.

But what's nice about these is these is that they're also not afraid to say when they occasionally think something could have been done better, or if there's something they didn't like.

A load of trailers, and whole DVD of short versions of the excellent behind-the-scenes show Doctor Who Confidential.

Any weak bits?
It's a real shame that there isn't a proper sneak preview of the next Christmas special.

And a couple of the people doing the commentaries tend to wander off the subject a bit, instead of talking about the episode in question.

Overall impression
A great, comprehensive box set for Doctor Who's best series yet.

NR rating
Four out of five

This reviews page is now closed. Here are some of the reviews you sent in.

"The series was good and scary. My favourite episode is the Weeping Angel, i liked it because it took you into the past and my favourite character was Sally Sparrow. "

Saviyon, 12, Essex, England

"I really enjoyed it, but Martha really got on my nerves. My favourite episodes would have to be Family of Blood and Blink, because they were nice and creepy, just the way I like it."

Hazel, 13, Wellington, England

"The series was good and scary. My favourite episode is the Weeping Angel. I liked it because it took you into the past, and my favourite character was Sally Sparrow."

Saviyon, 12, Purley, England

"I think the aliens were cool and I really liked it because there was lots of killing in it. I liked the Daleks sect because he's a hybrid human."

Sam, 12, Croydon, England

"I think this is really good."

Eve, 6, Preston, England

"I love Doctor Who, because it gives me an imagination."

Millie, 7, Oxford, England