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Last Updated: Thursday November 01 2007 19:11 GMT

Wild boar on the loose in Devon

A wild boar

Around 70 boar are running wild in Devon after being let out of the farm they live on by vandals.

As many as 140 of the animals were set loose when fences were cut, but around half of them have now been taken back to the farm.

Police are investigating the incident at Bramblewood Farm, which was also targeted in November 2006.

Police have warned people to stay away from the animals if they spot any of them, as boar can be dangerous.

It's hoped that a lot of the boar will go back to the farm overnight when they get hungry, but farmer John Walker is worried some of them may die if they don't.

Because they are farm animals they may not be able to get food for themselves, so finding them is really important.

Other farms in the area also had their wild boar set loose earlier in the year, and it's thought there are herds of them roaming free.

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