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Last Updated: Tuesday November 06 2007 13:03 GMT

How do you feel about JK's new book?

JK Rowling

JK Rowling's written a new book about the world of Harry Potter - but only seven copies of it have been made.

She's decided not to publish the book because she wanted it to be a special present for a few people who helped her while she was writing the Potter novels. So she's given the first six away to people close to her.

The seventh is being auctioned for charity.

How do you feel about not being able to read this latest piece of Potter?

Maybe you'd LOVE to know what's in the book? Perhaps you don't care?

Or are you just pleased that she's helping a charity?

Email us and let us know.

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Your comments

"What does it matter? She's already said that she's going to write an encyclopaedia on Harry Potter, so that's all I care about."

Jonathan, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I think it's silly that JK didn't have it published. Why not? She has more than seven fans in the world and they are all going to want to read another Harry Potter book."

Jonathan, 12, Hertford, England

"I think it's JKR's choice about how many books she wants to write. And what's unfair about her giving six books away? It's to people who helped her write and it's really kind of her to auction the last book to charity. How many famous authors would do that? I'm longing to read the last book."

Betty, 11, Doncaster, England

"I really enjoy the books so I am upset that I can't read this one, but I think that it is a good idea selling it for charity."

Francine, 12,

"I must admit I am disappointed that I can't read more of JK's writing genius, but I'm happy for those who have helped so much to receive the book. And I am glad she is doing something worthwhile with the seventh and final book."

Katie, 12, Dargaville, New Zealand

"My heart sank when I found out it was for auction. I am a massive Harry Potter fan and to think I won't be able to read one of JK's books upsets me, but I hope whoever gets it enjoys it."

Poppy, 12, Kent, England

"I really want to read this book and think it's unfair not to publish it as it sounds like it would be quite interesting."

Livi, 12, Ripon, England

"I'm really sad that I can't read the book because I'm a fan of JK Rowling. But on the other hand I'm quite happy for the people who can read it and they should be proud of themselves. Without them, I wouldn't even know the name Harry Potter."

Obaid, 10, Batley, England

"I'm really sad that we can't read it ourselves, but I think it's an amazing idea of hers. It makes the gifts really special, especially as she has hand-written them. I wish I was a millionaire so I could get that book at the auction though."

Kimmy, 12, England

"Be content with what you've got. We've been privileged enough to read her first seven books and for six of her helpers to get this is a meaningful present. Then again, I do not agree with the seventh one being auctioned. It defeats the purpose of only helping hands having her latest book."

Rosa, 11, Wellington, New Zealand

"I enjoyed her Harry Potter books and I'm annoyed I can't read this one."

Charlotte, 9, Staffordshire, England

"Oh my gosh, it's an outrage. I can't believe it. How could she betray some of her biggest fans that can't exactly save up their pocket money to buy it? As a fan I feel really left out and really upset..."

Caitlin, 12, Brighton, England

"I do not mind too much. I think it was a really sweet idea for her to write a special book just for a few people. I would be so touched if someone did that for me. And I think that what makes the Potter series click are the characters with their strong personalities in the series and that it would be difficult to read the books without characters like Harry, Ron and Hermione."

Mia, 13, London, England

"I suppose you have to respect JK Rowling's decision, but I still don't think it's fair."

Lenn, 10, Hampshire, England

"I think that it's OK that JK's giving only seven people the copies, because she writes the books and it's her choice. Admittedly it would be great if everyone else could read it because it fills in a bit of our Harry Potter hearts."

Tasha, 11, Sherborne, England

"Why is everyone saying this is unfair? She's giving it to people that have helped her write the books, anyone who says it's unfair that they'll not get to read it should remember that they have done nothing for her, yet she supplies them with great books. Sure, I'd love to read it, but I haven't read it yet and I'll live."

Drew, 12, Bradford, England

"I just hope that one of the people that has received the books will share it with the rest of us!"

Keri, 13, Michigan, USA

"I think it's really unfair! She should at least give us ONE of the stories in it. It is a good idea for a present though... I presume it will surface on the internet soon anyway."

Natalie, 12, Gateshead, UK

"It's her own decision. Sure; I don't agree with it. But she can do whatever she chooses to. And if she wants to thank 6 people in particular then let her. Yes, we fans also consider ourselves as a part of Harry's success but come on; she can't please us all. It's her own choice, I think we should respect it rather than be horrid about it."

Reem, 13, England

"I think that it is a nice way to thank people and it's great that she is giving the money to charity, but what about the devoted fans that supported JK throughout the whole 10 years? Is she just going to forget us? I would love to read that book as I am a huge Harry Potter fan."

Nessa, 13, USA

"I think it is quite fair because the money will go to charity but I would really have loved to read it! Hopefully it might get published in the future!"

Georgia, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"On one hand, it's fair because giving handwritten books to people who have helped her is a really nice way to say thank you. But on the other hand, why couldn't she have let other copies be printed and sell them for charity, like the quidditch and fantastic beasts ones? She'd make loads more money for charity that way!"

Fred, 13, Worcester, England

"I think it makes no difference. It will be scanned on to a computer and downloaded despite any effort to stop it."

Bethany, 12, Sheffield, England

"I respect JK's decision, but why publicize it so much then only make seven copies? I think it's very rude of her."

Hailey, 12, USA

"I think that she should let everyone read it and it is unfair to give it just to those people, although she is trying to raise money for charity. I think that a copy of the book should be in every library so that people can read it but not own it."

Emma, 13, Derby, England

"I am disappointed that JK won't be letting the book go public, but I really think it is an amazing way to thank all her friends for helping her through the Harry Potter series! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I know the books back to front but I am not that annoyed with her as it is HER decision! "

Rhiannon, 13, Exeter, England

"I think it is fair because JK Rowling said that she has six books for people who helped her write it. Also I think that there should be more copies to sell in an auction or they should put it online to read but you should pay to read it."

Achini, 12, Loughton, England

"Only seven? What was the point of that at all? I can't believe she would do that to all of her fans! Thanks a lot JK Rowling... for nothing."

Sian, 13, Widnes, England

"It's her choice but I think it's downright rude. We've been her fans right from the start and I think we should have the right to read her latest book like fans of every author."

Sam, 11, Liverpool, England

"There are loads of people our age who are devoted to the Harry Potter series. I think it's great that she's doing something for the less fortunate. But it makes the other fans who have loved Harry Potter through and through feel a bit rubbish!"

Rachel, 13, Rotherham, England

"I think that 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' will be a great book and it is a good way to thank the people that helped her write it, but it would be great to release it to the public."

Adam, 9, Clitheroe, England

"Oh no! I really really LOVE Harry Potter and I'm gutted that JK is only giving out seven copies! It's not fair at all! I really wish I could read the book - it sounds awesome!"

Afsara, 13, Hertfordshire, England

"I think it's unfair that only seven people will get to read the book."

Jenny, 11, Grimsby, England

"I am disgusted that it is not being released to the public."

Luke, 12, Preston, England

"I can't believe it, it seems like a great book. I just wish it was on sale for everyone so I can read it!"

Kelli, 12, Birmingham, England

"I think it is really unfair because seven people will know what it is about and no one else will. Please sell them JK Rowling."

Alex, 9, Sheerness, England

"I think it's fair because this is JK's own way of saying goodbye to Harry Potter. It sounds great and it's a surprise too."

Daniel, 13, Birmingham, England

"I personally am not into the Harry Potter books and I feel that it is good that she is trying to do something for charity. I think that this would mean that people who have lots of money will be the ones who get the book... therefore this is unfair on lower-class people."

Anna, 13, Poole, England

"I wish I'd got one of those copies! I'm dying to read the latest book!"

Bethany, 11, Rochdale, England

"Ok, I hate Harry Potter but to hear that, everyone should see the books! Plus, they should make more copies."

Elliott, 10, Doncaster, England

"I think it's great for the seven who get it but what about us? We love it and I want to read it but of course I can't, but I'm so excited about the other one!"

Hannah, 13, Tisbury, England

"I think that's really unfair and she should share her new book with everyone. I'd love to read the new one!"

Hannah, 11, Herefordshire, England

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