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Last Updated: Wednesday October 31 2007 13:48 GMT

In pictures: Secret wildlife in Sumatra

Sumatran tiger (Image: ZSL)

Lots of endangered species living in a part of Indonesia called Sumatra have been captured on film by the Zoological Society of London. This is a Sumatran tiger.

Setting up a camera trap (Image: ZSL)

The pictures were taken with special cameras that don't need people to press the buttons. They are called camera traps, and took snaps when animals were close by.

Elephants (Image: ZSL)

An entire family of elephants triggered a camera trap to capture this image. Researchers studied 2,000 sq km of forest, and focused on large mammals.

Clouded leopard (Image: ZSL)

Lots of people are very worried about the animals that live in Sumatra. They think some, like this clouded leopard, will be in danger if plans to cut the forests down go ahead.

Asiatic golden cat (Image: ZSL)

Animals such as the Asiatic golden cat do not adapt well to areas where humans have settled. The ZSL team hope the survey will help prove that the area needs to be protected.

Asian tapir (Image: ZSL)

Another creature to trigger the camera trap was this Asian tapir, classified as "vulnerable" on a list of threatened species called The Red List.

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