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Last Updated: Tuesday October 30 2007 15:15 GMT

Monkey nuisance drives city wild

The monkeys are EVERYWHERE

Thousands of wild monkeys are causing chaos in the Indian city of Delhi - and many people are so fed-up with them that they're calling for a crackdown.

It's thought that more than 5,000 monkeys are now running wild on the city streets after the forests where many of them lived in were cut down.

The monkeys are often aggressive - pushing their way into gardens and homes - and people are scared of them.

Recently, a man died when he fell from a building trying to fight off monkeys.

One local said: "They sneak into our houses. They even open our fridge some times and take our food.
The monkeys are EVERYWHERE
The monkeys are EVERYWHERE

"They take away clothes. They are troubling us a lot and we are really worried."

Recent attempts to solve the problem - like bringing in trappers and bigger monkeys to try to scare off the ones that are causing trouble - have failed.


Killing the monkeys isn't an option because people of the Hindu religion see them as sacred.

But the local people haven't given up on clearing up the monkey menace, and recently protested at the city's court house to try to get a result.

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