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Last Updated: Thursday November 01 2007 17:29 GMT

In pictures: Your Halloween snapshots

Newsround's Ellie

Happy Halloween! Looks like Newsround's Ellie's bagged the perfect pumpkin for her Halloween lantern, but we want to see what ghostly goings on you got up to.

Chop's Pumpkin lantern

Chop from Peterborough sent us this cool pumpkin carved to look like cartoon character Scooby Doo - nice one!

Jess, 9, with her brother Matthew

Nine-year-old Jess and her brother Matthew, from St Albans, got in some spooking practice before school. Afterwards, Jess was off to a friend's party, while Matthew had a Halloween do at Scouts. Fang-tastic!

Nina's pumpkin lantern

Nina, 12, made this spooky lantern to give her home in Bedford a Halloween feel.

James and Lauren's pumpkin lantern

James, 12, and his nine-year-old sister Lauren, 9, got creative with this pumpkin in their living room. Love the nose!

Josh and Esmee

This is Josh, 10, and his 21-month-old sister Esmee getting ready for the trick or treaters. Apparently Esmee loved it and wasn't scared at all by everyone's creepy costumes.

Jessica's pumpkin lantern

Jessica said she had a bit of help from her dad to carve out this pumpkin lantern. It looks great Jessica!

Hannah and Elizabeth's pumpkin lantern

Sisters Hannah and Elizabeth, in Cheshire, decided to dress their Halloween pumpkin up with its own hat!

Pumpkin lantern

And three-year-old Joshua's mum carved out this skeletal pumpkin.

Newsround's Ellie and Lizo

Elsewhere, Ellie was still smiling after her pumpkin find, but what's given Lizo such a fright?

Newsround's Laura dressed up as a witch

Uh-oh! That explains it. But hang on a minute, that's no witch. It's Newsround's Laura. Good costume!

Ellie and Laura

But we still want you to try to spook our presenters. So if you've carved a pumpkin, filled your house with spooky decorations or got loads of goodies trick or treating send in your pics now!

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