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Last Updated: Friday October 26 2007 15:12 GMT

Warning after shock firework pics

Kids play around dangerously with fireworks

A shocking video of young kids dangerously messing around with fireworks has been released.

It's hoped that the dramatic footage will warn others about the dangers of playing with fireworks.

CCTV cameras captured kids as young as seven in Middlesbrough handling fireworks as they exploded.

Fire officers say it's a miracle that no-one got injured. They say only adults should deal with fireworks and kids should watch from a safe distance.

Every year children get hurt because they've played with fireworks, or got too near them.

A baby and two children are in hospital on Friday after their house burnt down in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It's thought the fire was caused by a child playing with a sparkler.

It's against the law for children to buy fireworks, and the fire brigade says children under five should not be allowed to play with sparklers.

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