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Last Updated: Tuesday September 30 2008 14:53 GMT

Have films ever made you buy stuff?

Rats in Ratatouille

Loads of people are choosing to get a rat as a pet after watching Pixar's latest animation Ratatouille - about a rat who dreams of becoming a top chef in Paris.

Pet stores say the numbers of people buying pet rats has rocketed recently and they think it might be because of the film.

So has seeing something in a film ever made you go out and buy it?

Did you get a pet fish after seeing Finding Nemo or pester your parents for an owl after seeing Hedwig in Harry Potter?

Maybe you wanted something completely different? Or are you unaffected by trends in films?

Email and let us know!

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Your Comments

"When I saw Spiderman I wanted some of the Spiderman skills, like the throwing webs and stuff... but I never got it."

Jonathan, 12, Hertford, England

"When I watched Cats and Dogs it made me want to get a talking beagle. My mum wanted to get a zebra after watching Racing Stripes and my dad and brother collect loads of Star Wars stuff like Lego, light sabres and books."

Jessica, 9, St Albans, England

"I think it is so disgusting to keep a rat in your house as it can spread diseases."

Amber, 9, London, England

"I think that rats are cool but a bit scary for me. They are so cute though."

Naledi, 12, Letterkinney, Ireland

"I always wanted to buy a baby pig when I watched Charlotte's Web."

Olivia, 11, United Kingdom

"I really wanted a pig after watching Babe! He was so cute I wanted one for myself!"

Hattie, 13, London, England

"When I was younger, I bought every single Harry Potter thing I set my eyes on."

Natalie, 12, Mansfield, England

"Ever since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean I've wanted to be a pirate and started buying pirate trinkets and even two plastic swords!"

Kate, 11, Newcastle, England

"No, because I know that the producers don't intend to make you buy the animal that they make the film about."

Heather, 12, Grange-Over-Sands, England

"After watching the Gremlin films I really want a pet Gremlin. Not an evil one, one like Gizmo! I know they're not real but I really want one."

Keighley, 12, Southport, UK

"I think it is weird because films shouldn't make you buy things, even though films make me buy things."

Sean, 9, Fairlie, Scotland

"I watched Ratatouille and it made me think a lot more about rats - I now want one as a pet."

Grace, 13, Bolton, England

"I really wanted a Garfield, because other cats do not talk like him. It's so unfair that pets really don't talk."

Isabelle, 10, Kingston, England

"I wanted to get a snowy owl after Harry Potter, but I wasn't allowed."

Annie, 11, Surrey, UK

"Well I'm not one to go with the crowd, but if they happened to have a sword from the original film of Lord of the Rings on offer for free then I definitely wouldn't say no!"

Colette, 13, Bushey, UK

"After I saw Harry Potter I wanted a broomstick and after I saw Spiderman I wanted the suit he wears."

Rhys, 12, Magor, South Wales

"After I watched ET I wanted a pet ET, but my mummy told me they aren't real and I was upset."

Alexander, 9, Worcester, England