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Last Updated: Thursday October 25 2007 10:46 GMT

Giant plane takes to the skies

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

The biggest passenger plane in the world has landed after its first flight with lots of people on board.

There have been test flights of the Airbus A380 before, but this journey was the first time people were allowed to buy tickets to travel on it.

And some of the tickets were pretty expensive, with the dearest costing $100,380 (49,000).

As many as 853 passengers can squeeze onto an A380, but most airlines are expected to space people out.

That means airlines can give some passengers lots of room - in return for a pretty expensive ticket of course.

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
The A380 is lots bigger than other planes
This first flight took off from Singapore and landed in Sydney, Australia around seven hours later.

The plane is so big that airport bosses in Australia had to make lots of changes so that the plane was able to land there.

They spent millions on improving things, including strengthening a tunnel which runs underneath the main runway.

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