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Last Updated: Wednesday October 24 2007 07:37 GMT

Wii Sports wins at gaming Baftas

People playing Wii Tennis

Nintendo's Wii Sports was the big winner at the video games Baftas, scooping six of the top prizes.

They included awards for best sports and best innovation, and it was also picked as the best game to play with your pals - called best multiplayer.

The only prize picked by gamers and not experts went to Football Manager 2007.

There was also a special prize called the Academy Fellowship for Will Wright, who created the game Sim City before inventing The Sims too.

Bafta stands for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and they're better known for giving out awards for TV programmes and films.

But they seem to be getting more interested in gaming too, as they have introduced a video games category in the kids' Bafta Awards too.