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Last Updated: Tuesday October 23 2007 06:49 GMT

I live in a recycled house

Press Packer Frida

Press packer Frida lives in a house where everything has been recycled.

In her report, Frida tells us what it's like living in a house where nothing is new.

"We moved into our house two and a half years ago.

Since we moved in we have been collecting all of our furniture from junk shops and car boot sales.

Knock knock!
Frida's dining room table
This is Frida's dining room table!

Our dining room table has a handle on it - that's because it's actually an old church door.

I really like our table because nobody else has anything like it.

No wallpaper

In our kitchen we didn't do it up, we undid it!

Instead of replacing the wallpaper, we stripped it off so that it looks really original.

Frida's kitchen
These magnets are recycled
Our fridge door is covered in letters that we found outside an old warehouse - they make great magnets.

Making my toys

The wallpaper in my bedroom is made from free posters from a newspaper.

I like making my own toys - I have made a horse stable and I decorated my doll's house by putting in my own carpet and wallpaper.

Pollution free

What I like best about my house is that we aren't creating pollution.

It's also really different from all my friends' houses."

Frida, 10, London

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