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Last Updated: Monday October 22 2007 07:00 GMT

Another plan to tackle obese kids

An obese child in China

Your parents could be told if you're overweight, as part of yet another idea to try to make children healthier.

At the moment kids in England and Wales are weighed when they are five and 10 years old, but parents are only told the results if they ask for them.

It's thought as many as one in three children may be overweight, and doctors worry they will grow up that way too.

Some medical experts think that many people in the UK will be ill in future years because they are overweight.

The new plan may see parents in England being told how much their children weigh automatically.

It's not children who are a little bit too heavy that doctors are worried about, but kids who are what is called obese.

That means there is so much fat in their bodies that it makes them much more likely to be unhealthy in years to come.

At the moment these are just ideas from politicians who work for the Department of Health.

A spokeswoman for The Department of Health said it needed to "work harder" to cut the rising levels of obesity in children.

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