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Last Updated: Monday October 22 2007 05:43 GMT

Late F1 title drama for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton driving during qualifying

Lewis Hamilton's dream of winning the world championship took a late twist on Sunday, after it was thought some drivers may have broken the rules.

Hamilton lost out on the championship by just one point in the final race of the season to Finland's Kimi Raikkonen.

Late on Sunday race officials had to investigate the fuel used in the cars that finished fourth, fifth and sixth.

After seven hours of looking at the fuel the stewards decided that those other drivers weren't to be punished.

Had they been kicked out of the race Hamilton would have been world champion, as he would have been promoted to fourth place.

Kimi Raikkonen
World champion Kimi Raikkonen

Hamilton's team is going to appeal against the decision not to punish the drivers of those cars, but experts don't think anything will happen.

Raikkonen, who has won two more races than any other driver this season, won the championship on 110 points.

Hamilton and Alonso had 109 points each, but Hamilton came second as he's had one more second-place race finish than his team-mate during the season.