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Last Updated: Wednesday October 17 2007 10:37 GMT

Film review: Ratatouille

Scene from Ratatouille

Release date

October 12 (cert U)

The stars

The star of this great cartoon is Remy, a young rat (voiced by Patton Oswalt) who dreams of becoming a top chef. His family laugh at his ambition and instead put his top smell skills to use as a poison sniffer.

The main human is restaurant garbage boy Linguini (Lou Romano), who's hopeless in the kitchen.

The plot

Remy sees Linguini adding random ingredients to a soup - so the rat fixes up the soup to make it delicious, which is lucky because it's served to a top food critic!

Remy the rat
Remy the rat
But the rodent is discovered and Linguini is told to kill him - and to cook up his great soup again!

So instead of giving the rat the chop, they combine to make a fabulous double act.

Remy sits under Linguini's chef hat and pulls his hair like a puppet to control his cooking - and voila - he's a master chef and Remy is living the dream.

But of course, things can't run smoothly and there's more than a few twists and turns in the clever film.

Bests bits

One of the best things about the film is how cool the animation is. The film's made by Pixar, who have also done Toy Story and Monsters Inc, so it's really top notch.

The fast-paced film's also really funny, with jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

Fave characters

It has to be Remy. He's just funny, clever and he really makes you want to go out and buy a pet rat - no wonder there's been a craze for pet rodents in France! The scenes with his dad Django (Brian Dennehy) are especially funny.

Any weak bits?

This is a film which has you hooked from the start. Not for anyone with a rat phobia though!

Hit or miss?

It's rat-tastic and just missed out on getting full marks. Can't wait for the DVD.

NR rating:

Newsround rating: four out of five