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Last Updated: Tuesday October 16 2007 06:04 GMT

Planes collide in runway crash

Heathrow airport

Two aeroplanes collided on the ground at Heathrow Airport as they were getting ready for take-off.

The wing tips of a British Airways jumbo jet and a Sri Lankan airliner hit each other on the runway of the London airport on Monday night.

Hundreds of passengers were on board the two planes, but officials said it was a minor crash and no-one was hurt.

An investigation is under way to find out exactly what happened and why the two planes got so close to each other.

The damaged wings of the planes (from a reader's video grab)
Engineers are studying the damage to the planes

One of the passengers on the Sri Lankan aircraft claimed it hit the jumbo jet from behind as it tried to get into position on the runway.

He said: "We turned our wing, almost hit what looked like the tail end of the British Airways flight, and we ended up chopping off a bit of wing."

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