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Last Updated: Wednesday October 17 2007 04:54 GMT

I want rubbish off the streets!

Litter on the street

Press Packer Brogan is tired of seeing rubbish on the streets.

"Rubbish on the streets is making them look dirty and careless.

So we need to do something about it if we want to stay healthy.

I'm sick of the stink and stepping in dog mess or chewing gum.

Do something

All the rubbish on the streets is not very healthy for the environment, so we need to make the environment healthier than it is now.

We need to clean up our community into a rubbish free zone to prove we can clean up if we all try to together.

The message I want people to get is help clean up the rubbish around us all, so do it, instead of sitting about doing nothing."

Brogan, 11, Bedfordshire

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