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Last Updated: Monday October 15 2007 06:46 GMT

Tips for staying safe

A boy in Kingston-upon-Hull

Follow these tips for staying safe, put together by children's charity the NSPCC.

  • Before you go out, remember the three W's:

    Always tell your parents WHERE you are going, WHO you are going with and WHEN you will be home.

  • Make sure you know your home address and telephone number off by heart.

  • Give your parents a phone number where you can be contacted.

  • If anyone is making you feel unhappy, tell an adult you know and trust.

  • Say "NO" in a very loud voice if someone wants to touch you in a way that makes you feel unhappy.

  • Shout loudly and try to get away if someone you don't like tries to make you go with them or tries to make you do things you don't like.

  • Never talk to strangers and never take gifts from them, no matter how friendly they seem.

  • If you get lost in a public place, be careful about who you ask for help. Look for a police officer, or a shop assistant, or someone with a young child.

  • As it gets dark earlier in the winter, make sure you're wearing bright clothing, preferably with reflective or fluorescent strips, so you can be seen better on the roads, and be extra eagle-eyed when you're crossing roads.

You can get more help and advice from the NSPCC website by clicking on the link top right

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