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Last Updated: Thursday May 08 2008 12:16 GMT

England v France: Your thoughts

England captain Phil Vickery

Reigning champions England have booked their place in the Rugby World Cup final with a dramatic 14-9 win over France in Paris.

Did you see the match? What did you think? Who was your star player - and WHY?

Maybe your team has gone out? Are you supporting another one?

Perhaps you don't care for rugby?

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Your Comments

"It was amazing, France were winning then England took over. Yes, my favourite player is Jonny Wilkinson."

Emma, 10, Yeovil, England

"I really wanted England to win but then South Africa won. Now I want South Africa to win because South Africa have got the best rugby player in the world."

Jack, 8, Doncaster, England

"I think England did extremely well and Lewsey's try was amazing. England should put up a good fight against South Africa with Jonny kicking and Robinson with all his runs, if the pack keep tight and leave the kicking to the backs. I just hope against hope that England win because I don't remember the last World Cup, I was too young."

Nick, 11, Stoke on Trent, England

"I don't really watch rugby and don't take much of an interest in it, but recently me and my brothers have been enjoying it and I'm THRILLED England are doing well! Rock on England! Yeh!"

Adam, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I was gutted to see England beat France but I've said from the beginning of the tournament - SOUTH AFRICA TO WIN."

Adam, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I am so thrilled by rugby, it gives me a real buzz. I'm happy with England's performance, and their score was remarkable."

Claire, 10, Balsall Common, England

"England played fantastically and hopefully they can play as well in the final!"

Daniel, 10, London, England

"I think England played the best game they could. I just hope they play like that in the final!"

Eleanor, 11, Peel, Isle of Man

"I was supporting Australia and Ireland but they are out of the rugby, so now I am supporting England."

Sheryl, 12, Harlow, England

"I love rugby, it's so exciting and thrilling! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK TO WATCH THE FINAL!"

Paige, 13, Nottingham, England

"I was watching the England game and thought it was amazing! I can't believe it, two kicks in the last five minutes! GO ENGLAND!"

Olivia, 12, Perth, Australia

"I thought that was a cracking game! I was so nervous when Wilkinson took the penalty when it was 8-9. I think in order for us to win against Argentina or South Africa we need to find a weak point so we can get through and pass it to our fastest players so they can dodge through the other team!"

Amber, 10, Bromley, England

"I was happy either way because I'm half-French and half-English. My mum was happy too, but my dad is French so he wasn't!"

Fran, 12, Kent, England

"England will win the World Cup, this is our best sport! Come on ENGLAND!"

Lewis, 12, Salford, England

"It's great because they could be the only country to win the World Cup twice in a row. Anyway, France did a forward pass so England deserved to win."

Jack, 9, Horton, England

"I don't really follow rugby but I'm glad that England have got to the final of the World Cup."

David, 10, Leicester, UK

"It was a brilliant match. We were losing right up until the last 10 minutes. I really did think we were going to lose that match; then Johnny Wilkinson scored that brilliant drop kick and everything turned around. I hope we win the World Cup again this year, then we can show the world we really are world champions with winning it twice!"

Alis, 13, Birmingham, England

"I'm gutted England won, but England were not playing rugby. They just kept on kicking it and that isn't what rugby is about and France deserved to win."

Connor, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"In the 2nd half, I thought France might win, but thanks to a penalty, a drop goal & some fabulous defending, we won!"

Charlotte, 10, Thame, England

"I think that France had a good opportunity to win, but at the end they slowed down."

Shauna, 8, Galway, Ireland

"It was brill. My man of the match was Jonny Wilkinson. But Lewsey had a good game too. IT WAS ACE."

Max, 8, England

"Wilkinson is a LEGEND! A LEGEND!! England all the way!!!"

Jack, London, England

"England are the best. We beat Australia and France and we weren't favourites. We can go all the way!"

Alexander, 11, St Albans, England

"I don't like rugby, but at least we won! Come on, England!"

Callum, 10, Birmingham, England

"I was so gutted that France lost. What I say now is: South Africa to win."

Kathy, 12, Port Talbot, Wales

"Come on, England. You'll win it again!"

Ryan, 12, Bridgend, Wales

"Yes! England won. I am so happy because I think they deserved to win. England rock and are now in the final!"

Ella, 10, Okehampton, England

"I thought at one point that we would not win the game, but we did!"

Angelina, Faversham, England

"YES! I am so happy that England won! I hope they win the final!"

Richard, 9, Maidstone, England

"My dad watched it and England won. He was yelling happily all night."

Jacqueline, 11, Tamworth, England

"We are sure to win. We have Billy Whizz as full back and Jonny Wilkinson as fly half. Beware, France. We are lethal!"

Thomas, 9, Bedford, England

"England will win! With Jonny Wilkinson, Jason Robinson, Paul Sackey and many more. The only problem is Chabal."

Jack, 9, Bedford, England

"England will win - they HAVE to!"

Helena, 10, London, England

"France will win!!"

Kayleigh, 10, Hawick, Scotland

"Come on, lads. We are going to win with ace players like Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson."

James, Sandbach, England

"I think probably England will win. With the Jonny Wilkinson comeback, I think they have a big advantage."

Sadman, 11, London, England

"COME ON, ENGLAND!! They will win."

Sophie, nine, Hull, England

"It's going be tough but England will bring back the trophy."

Michael, 10, London, England