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Last Updated: Monday October 15 2007 06:21 GMT

Pupils get praised in new way

Praise Pod in use

There are plenty of things that teachers say to nag you, but do they say enough when you do something well?

At one school in Yorkshire they're making sure they do - and it's all caught on camera.

When a teacher thinks a pupil has done something good, like raising money for charity or homework, they go to a Praise Pod to record what they say.

The recorded clips are burned on to a DVD so pupils can take home to show their parents they're a star at school.

So Newsround asked the pupils what they thought of the Praise Pod.

Ellie, aged 10, said: "It feels a bit nerve-wracking, but then it feels really good and you feel really proud of yourself."

Luke, aged 11, added: "Every time you come people are like 'Wow, that's really good' and you just feel proud of yourself."

It got the thumbs up from Danielle, aged 11, too: "People who didn't really behave that well before, have started behaving better since Praise Pod's arrived."

And you can even go to the Praise Pod to praise other people like teachers and dinner ladies.

Confidence boost

The inventor Richard Crook reckons the school in Rotherham is a much nicer placer now.

He said: "People who are praised a lot don't become boastful, they just become confident inside."

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