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Last Updated: Friday October 12 2007 05:07 GMT

Girl fights to make roads safer

Kids crossing a road near their school

A schoolgirl is making the streets around her school safer after winning a battle to get a lollipop person.

Grace, nine, was getting annoyed with the amount of traffic motoring around near her school when it was home time and there have been lots of accidents.

There are two other schools near Grace's and when all the kids leave at the same time it can get dangerous.

So Grace got 30 kids to sign a petition and sent it to the local council, which has now agreed to make it safer.

Grace said: "After school there are lots of cars zooming down the road.

Grace has made a big difference
"I thought why do these cars have to zoom down here where they can hurt other children or my friends.

"I thought 'if nothing's going to happen I'm going to sort it out myself'."

Now all Grace's hard work has paid off, as the council has put out an advert for lollipop person, so hopefully things will get safer soon.

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