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Last Updated: Thursday May 15 2008 12:57 GMT

Newsround's radio bulletin: Your comments

Newsround and World Class bring you the top stories from around the globe.

Tell us what's going on where YOU are. Fill in the form on the right.

Your comments:

Bethany from UK writes: Here is an idea I think that you could use, you could do a podcast everyday of the week, that's including weekends as well.

Sara from France writes: Our chairs and tables are horrible. There's graffiti and chewing gum every where, and it isn't new, and is not designed to help our backs!

Emily from Poway USA writes: Our chairs are attached to our (school) desks but the are both wood and are really hard.

Megan from Lincs UK writes: We listen to your news nearly every day. It gives us the opportunity to know what is going on in the world.

Stephanie from UK writes: I think the whole fiasco about Michael Phelps is daft. I mean everyone has made mistakes before and so has he. What he did was wrong but at least he said he won't do it again.

Rachael from Muscat, Oman, writes: Mamma Mia is my Oscar choice. Because it is a fabulous feel-good movie. When the world is having so much difficulies it's good to be able to have a fun movie once in a while.

Abbey from Milnrow USA writes: I think that BOLT would win my Oscar pick its hilarious and so funny. Some bits are sad some bits are funny and some bits are SO CUTE.

Samiira in London writes: I think we shouldn't have to get homework. Some people get lots of help but some people don't get help at all. Some people don't even do homework because their sisters and their families help and some people use the computer.

Joshua in Aldridge writes: Guess what? Our school just got a plastic bottle recycling bank!

Abbie in Halifax writes: I think that on Newsround, you should read out more e-mails. You could give a question and children can e-mail in their answers

Holly Mayes-Smith in Great Yarmouth, UK writes: Do you think we should set out something to try and decrease gun and knife culture? Loads of teens are killed in England every year. I feel very strongly about gun and knife culture in England because it's where I live. It's quite bad and at night you never no who could have a gun or knife on them so please try and stop it!!

Vicky in Peterhead, UK writes: I think it is a good idea for english football teams to play other teams from different countries because it might improve some skills

Laura in Taiwan writes: I enjoy playing all the game and activities here. My winter vacation is filled with fun every day.

Samantha in Williton, UK writes: I think its really wrong that teenagers are getting bullied by the government with the 'mosquitos'. not all teens are bad. when im a teenager, what will it be like then?

Sarah in Surrey, UK writes: i would like to know if we could have more newsround after school cause I miss out on it alot i like to cach up on it instead of reading the boring old news paper. P.s. NEWSROUND IS THE BEST

Rabiat in Whitehaven, UK writes: I think we should do more to tackle global warming. Otherwise lots of kids won't be able to reach their teens.

Michael in Liverpool, UK writes: Why doesn't Newsround ever have news on wrestling in their sports section?

Holly in Bishop Auckland, UK writes: I think that hunting wales is disgusting. Whales are one of my favorite animals and i would go to any length to stop people from hunting them!!!!

Zarah in Accrington, UK writes: Our town is trying to have the best christmas ever. Lots of fairs have taken place this year. Thank you to my teacher for helping to raise money for the less fortunate children.

JM in Bangkok, Thailand writes: I am in Thailand right now enjoying school

Max in Blackheath, UK writes: I am trying to get my school to recycle otherwise I have to take it home

Samuel in Accra, Ghana writes: In Ghana there are many problem about education, employment, health factilities. In northern Ghana, there has been a flood which had detroyed buildings. Now there is no shelter for the people now. They need help.

Seb in Chellastone writes: I think home work is bad because ist not very fun and that i should go home to go home not to do more work if u agree pleas say so

Lily age 7 from Kent says: I live near the st'edumus chuch it was really bad the smoke looked really big i was really scared.

Gavin from Newsround says: Hello Lily, I hope the fire is out now. Are you OK?

Megan , age 10 from Doncaster writes: In my town theres a show on and loads of pepole are going

On the subject of banning hugging at a school in America:

Katie , age 7 from Pinner writes: too much huging going on in amrica schools.

Nabila , age 11 from London says: I think that it is a way to show affection to your friends and so it people shouldnt quit doing it.

Ebony , age 11 from Waterfoot writes: I think hugging is appropiate as long as it is quick an d it is not in class]

Faith from Ebbw Vale in South Wales , age 12 writes: what is being done about global warming the world is and why is it happening

Gavin from Newsround says: Hello Faith.

Aaliyah , age 10 from Frankly writes: Our school is employing too many new school teachers! There have people coming round spying on us and i don't like it !

Olivia , age 9 and 7 months writes: School - they might raise the age to leave school when you are 18 no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob , age 11 from England says: I don't think there will ever be World peace. The Human race is too greedy now. People in Burma should be aloud to speak there point of view, but I don't think a riot was necessary, and I don't think the army should have shot them.

Ryan , age 9 from Scotland says: How is your country? Is there something bad happening in your country?

Mahira , age 11 from Austin, Texas in the USA says: When did the global warming start? Also Sonali you look like my friend Neha. I think she's going to grow up and look like you.

Lena from Lyndhurst says: I like the articles about the u.s.

Amber , age 9 says: I want to ask when you first made newsround cos it would be interesting to know.

Adam from Newsround says: Hi Amber. Newsround is 35 years old this year!

Fatma , age 10 from London writes: why do some children in primary school who are only 8 smoke. Why do they do that?

Gavin says: I don't know Fatma. Does anyone else have an idea why they smoke at such a young age?

Bonny , age 10 from Liverpool writes: I love Newsround. I watch it all the time i wish i was one of yours.

Ellina , age 9 from Egham writes: I think it is great

Joe from Hitchin says: Our school had a day of silence today for the Thailand Plane crash today. It was terrible news.

Emily , age 9 from Preston writes: Newsround is great.

Jessica , age 7 from Dukinfield, Cheshire says: I have been on a special menu for 3 months for my hyperactivity. This means no fizzy drinks, sweets or junk food. Also have to eat dairy free as much as I can. I eat free range and organic ,eat and veg and feel great and not getting trouble at school. Its great!!

Chloe , age 11 from Hoddesdon writes: i think it is a good idea about the soldiers

Randy from Aurora, Colorado in the US says: As a Technology teacher here at Sable Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado I think this could be a nice learning tool for my students. Thank you!

Rose in Asia says: I need help to find a hurricane or flood what had happened sometime this week please write it on the computer and i can read it thank you very much

Aimee , age 8 writes: I wonder how the forest fires started or who?

Bryony , age 13 from Leicestershire in central England writes about the suggestion that people should be restricted to one pet each: I think people should be allowed to have as many any animals as they want as long as they look after them well. Why should people in council estates be any different. I don't live on a council estate or a farm but I have 14 horses, 2 dogs, 4 geese, about 20 ducks, 4 goats, 9 hamsters, 5 cats and some kittens.

Sonali says: That's a lot of pets. Do you spend all your time looking after them?

Jacob , age 9 from Redhill says: I would like to know more about the massive spiders web, as it really was amazing!

George , age 7 from Bristol in western England says: I love Newsround, I love hearing about what's going on abroad.

Bonnie , age 10 from the UK writes: it is very good to give us news

Amy , age 8 from Ipswich writes: why do you tell kids not mums or dads?

Marielle , age 12 from Peru in South America :

I live in Lima, Peru and an earthquake just happened one week ago. The death toll raised from 150 to 530. I'm very sad and scared. One of my teachers lost five people in his family. May they rest in peace...

Gavin from Newsround says: Hello Marielle. So glad you're safe. It must be a very difficult time for you and your friends and family. Please take care!

Jamie , age 9 from Wakefield says: Newsround is good but it should be on for longer so that you can know more about the world and what's happening

Abbey . age 10 from Birmingham says: I hope hurricane dean stops ruining peoples lives.

Kirsty , age 12 from Wales says: I think that hurricane dean is awful!!

Jasmine , age 12 from Grays says: I feel for Madeleine's parents the trauma of the long lost long missed child must be unbearable i don't know what i would do if i had a child and she was kidnapped by people i had done nothing to its disgusting how people can destroy families with out a second thought

Aamna , age 11 from London says: When will the kidnapper of Madeleine McCann give in and give sweet little Madeleine back to her loving family?

Leighona , age 10 from Aberdeen writes: I want to hear more about maddie that went missing 4 months ago

Newsround says: Hi Aamna, thanks for your message. We'll keep you up to date with any news about Madeleine.

Holly , 13 from Wigan says: I've been on holiday and want to find out what happened to the bridge that collapsed in America

Gavin from Newsround says: Hi Holly. Hope you had a nice holiday.

Tazeen , 9 from London writes: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Newsround is really good. This is the first time i've ever got really into Newsround & when i got into it i think it's really cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Newsround you're the best.

Aamina , 12 from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia says: what were the effects of the floods?

Gavin from Newsround says: Hi Aamina. Have you had any flooding in Malaysia? How did you hear about the world bulletin?

Sam , 7 from Saffron Walden in eastern England says: you are the best

Amigo in Funchal, Portugal writes: I would just like to say that it is very hot here and we are boiling ! I would also like to say that one day I hope to travel the world including Britain. I think Britain is an amazing country with an amazing leader! It has beautiful scenery and is the best place to go ! Go Britain !

Aneesa , 11 from Ilford in eastern England says: Newsround is the best! It's more understandable than what the news is. It ain't boring like normal news. Way to go Newsround!!!!!!!

Katie in Carryduff, Northern Ireland writes: I like her very much. She a great person telling us all these stories about lots of news like the floods in England and Wales.

Sonali says: Thanks Katie! Glad you enjoy the bulletins.

Abigail , 10 says: I like you

Rabia , 13 in Dubai says: I am from the place where they are making the world's tallest building and I am very proud of my city. And I also think Newsround is amazing. It's very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work!

Afreen , 10 from Austin, Texas in the USA: I have a question, When did the UK Flooding start?

Newsround : Hi Afreen - the flooding started in the middle of June in northern England. Now it's affecting places in central and western England. You've had bad flooding in Texas too haven't you?

Megan , aged 9 from Warwick says: It must have been frightening for a 15 year old boy to get attacked by a shark!

Chelsea , aged 12 from London says: I want 2 know more about lil maddie we dont no wats happenin so how are we ment 2 help

Newsround : Madeleine McCann, aged 4 from Leicestershire has been missing since May 3 this year. She disappeared while on holiday with her family in Portugal. Police are still searching for her.

Holly , 13 from Wigan in northern England says: I've been on holiday for over 2 weeks and have missed my daily newsround, what is the news on the collapsing bridge?

Gavin from Newsround says: Hi Holly. Hope you had a nice holiday. Read more about the bridge

Karen , aged 11 from Sha Tin in Hong Kong writes: I think these news are great. I love them alot although they are somehow a bit too scary, BUT GOOD WORK! ^.^

Newsround says: We're really glad you're enjoying the bulletins Karen. Sorry you find some things in the news scary. Upsetting events often make the news because they don't happen very often. Here are some other tips if you're worried.

Angharad , aged 11 from Porthcawl in south Wales says: I think this is a brill idea. If I go on the computer in school I can read about the top stories around the world

John , aged 9 from Stoke-on-Trent in central England says: I think newsround it excellent

Khurshid from Nottingham writes: I want to go on mars so please could you send me information on what i need!

Dearbhla , age 12 from Derry writes: I dont think England should have the tour de france as it is a FRENCH tradition and we are copying them. We should start are own traditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine , age 12 from Banbury in central England says: Yey! Summer has finally come, really nice day today so hot, looking forward to Live Earth, going to be great, I definitely think it is going to raise awareness!

Sameerah from Leicester writes: If there is global warming how come there is so much rain around?

Tori , age 7 from Huddersfield in northern England says: I don't want people to smoke a lot because people might die or get poorly.

Courtney , age 8 from Durham says: I am glad you cannot smoke in cafes because I sometimes cough but now I do not.

Aiswarya in Doha, Qatar writes: Very Useful!

Nicole , age 12 from London writes: I think it is a good idea for people to stop smoking so that they can have a longer and better life.

Tabs , age 14 from Truro in Cornwall in western England says: My mum and stepdad both smoke. I think this ban will convince my mum to stop smoking but my stepdad said that he just wouldn't go to places that you couldnt smoke! So I'm not sure that this smoking ban is such a good idea!

Alexander , age 9 from Inverbervie says: I always watch the news even when scary or sad.

Mia , age 8 in Wetherby , northern England says: It has been raining all the time and I've forgotten what the sun looks like.

Zoie Kendall , from Hartlepool says: my comment has to be on the disappearing river. If it is that big you have to think lodgically that much water. I'm no scientist but that much water can't disappear so fast in the space of time it had.

Emily and Eni , both aged 14 from Bourgas says: This site is fantastic

Chiquita , age 9 in Dephord says: I love listening to Newsround.

'nid Russell a mum and teacher from Sawbridgeworth says: Love the worldwide community spirit of Newsround site - keep up the good work!

Ellen , age 13 from Newcastle says: I want to know everything around the world - even the little girl who is missing.

Amy , age 13 from Lytham St Ann's says: Hiya i think it is very good and u are very cool.

Thomas , age 10 from Bristol writes: Hello? i am deaf i love you

Holz and Amelia , both age 9 from Stroud and Chalford Hill say: the flooding in west China is a terrible thing that had been going on for days. I hope all families survive together.

Warda , age 12 in Croydon writes: Fighting poverty and disease is a good thing but it will take a very long time maybe till i am older

Fareed in Kabul in Afghanistan says: I love you so much

Heidi in Blackpool : you are funny

Bethanie in Thornaby: I like your site and your news is good Jessica , 7, Crewe : I think you're interesting

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