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Last Updated: Monday October 15 2007 07:34 GMT

What's the latest craze you're into and why?

Teenage girls laughing

There's a new craze in New Zealand for boys to wear slippers to school!

Apparently the fad was started off by rap star Snoop Dogg wearing slippers - and now loads of pupils are making the footwear part of their school uniform!

So that made us think, what crazes are you and your mates into at the moment?

Is there something everyone's wearing, a game everyone's playing or a phrase everyone's saying?

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Your Comments

"We have a craze at our school to eat dried cereal, like they're crisps. It's really silly. I don't do it."

Yasmeen, 12, Surbiton, England

"Crop tops are the latest craze at my school, but I think they're too showy!"

Kiera, 10, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

"There are millions of crazes in our school, and the latest are black-and-white clothing, big shoulder bags and odd earrings! However I like to be unique, so I follow very few of them!"

Layla, 10

"Because I do a lot of craft stuff, I've started a lot of crazes at my school. My favourite one was when everyone had pompoms! I taught all my friends to make them, and the boys paid us for them!"

Laura, 12, London, England

"The craze in my school at the moment is to wear nail varnish. My favourite colour is purple!"

Emma, 13, Tottenham, England

"I'm really into rock climbing!"

Chloe, 11, Telford, England

"Skinny jeans! I love them to bits!"

Laura, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I am in love with denim mini skirts, my wardrobe is full of them! My sister can wear slippers to school as well!"

Chloe, 11, Telford, England

"I think you should be able to wear any shoes you want, because trainers and slippers are more comfortable than shoes. If our feet aren't getting looked after properly then it could do some damage. Most boys and girls run around so it could easily damage our feet. Also, shoes are easier to damage than trainers."

Adam, 13, Chester, England

"In our school every girl wears pumps and carries Jane Norman bags."

Cherrie, 11, Scotland

"At my school the latest craze is short cardis and leggings. All the girls wear these funky dresses and short cardis with leggings! I love them."

Faatima, 10, England

"At our school about 10 of us play this game which is just walking round in a circle, then we yell 'SWITCH!' and swap direction every minute or so. The last person to drop out wins."

Emily, 13, Newcastle-under-Lyme, England

"The latest craze in my school are those thread things which you can make bangles out of, or use as a key holder on your bag. There are many ways of making them - there's circles, squares, spirals and fish bones, or that's what I call them. I know how to make the square one. Now teachers are into it, and boys, but it really looks cool on bags."

Mariam, 11, Kuwait

"I love white skinny jeans and eye liner, it's totally cool!"

Mireim, 13, Beckenham, England

"Oh my gosh, I guess the latest craze at school is probably saying 'State!'. Everyone says it if you walk past someone you know, they just shout 'State'! It's really funny, I'm always doing it to everyone!"

Charlie, 13, Warrington, England

"All the girls in our school wear the same type of shoes and fashionable bags."

Khadz, 12, Portsmouth, England

"People in my school do wear proper school shoes but are allowed to bring in slippers to wear in lesson times in the winter."

Emily, 8, Washington, England

"Our latest craze is when someone says 'Wow' to say 'Wowwowwowow' in silly voices!"

Chelsea, 13, Beverley, England

"I am into music at the moment because my friend has the new CD I want!"

Lydia, 8, Hull, England

"The latest craze at our school is to wear bright yellow, pink and orange belts or headbands. Also to snog your boy or girlfriend behind the science rooms!"

Suzy, 13, Scarborough, England

"I always say 'That's well tight' when something bad happens."

Francine, 12, Manchester, England

"I think it is OK to wear slippers to school but only if they look smart enough. My feet hurt after school, so if slippers are comfy and smart, then why not? Nowadays lots of modern shoes do look very similar to slippers."

Daniel, 11, Ormskirk, England

"The latest craze at my school is saying 'sick' meaning good, and all the girls wear alice bands with bows at the side and matching pumps."

Kelli, 12, London, UK

"Our latest craze are these stickers that are squishy and sparkly. We stick them all over our homework diaries and school books."

Billy, 12, Lewes, UK

"In my school all my mates are singing 'I Don't Dance' from High School Musical 2."

Laura, 10, London, England

"Kylie Minogue - I saw her in concert and hoping to see her next year."

Bethany, 10, Leyland, England

"My latest craze is doodling colourful designs and sticking them to my wall!"

Janet, 12, Uxbridge, England

"My latest craze is fashion and those woolly boots with skinny jeans, long plain tops and half jumpers!" xoxoxoxox

Olivia, 12, Surrey, England

"In our school I brought in a bouncy ball. After a few days that found its way onto the roof. Later on everyone started bringing in bouncy balls, so I'm guessing that's the new craze!"

Alice, 10, Cleadon, England

"I am really in to Harry Potter at the mo but I also love drawing so I decided to put them two together and start to drawing Harry Potter people :D"

Amy, 11, Abingdon, UK

"Skinny Jeans! They rock!"

Victoria, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"That's a hard one. There are millions of crazes going on at our school at the moment. But my latest craze is at the weekend, and I dyed myself a VOTE SAXON T-shirt. I cherish it."

Zara, 13, Crawley, England

"My latest craze is saying 'I'm cool, you're cool, we're all cool together!' in a strange voice."

Gavin, 12, Newport, UK

"In my school the fashion is to wear logo T-shirts. I love my Rolling Stones and Superman T-shirts!"

Hannah, 13, Hayes, England

"Dying your hair green is the latest trend with us at the moment."

Rhiannon, 13, Penarth, Wales