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Last Updated: Thursday October 11 2007 12:30 GMT

Kids test out latest cool toys

Press Packers Asha, Daniel and Melody

It's the time of year when toymakers unveil what they think are going to be the top Christmas toys. Press Packers Asha, Daniel and Melody went along to try them out

The Press Packers try the Transformer toy

There's 12 toys that are hot and most of them are high-tech ones. Daniel, 10, liked the Optimus Prime Transformer: "I thought it was really fun but it was quite difficult to get it into the car shape. I'd like to have one."

Press Packer Melody tried out the Flytech Dragonfly

Melody, nine, gave a thumbs up to the Flytech Dragonfly: "I thought this was better than it looks, although it is a bit delicate and you have to charge it every now and then."

Press Packers try out Say What?

But Say What? wasn't so popular. Other games in the top 12 include Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old? and Golden Balls

The Press Packers become Dalek Sec Hybrids!

And although they looked cool when they tried on the Dalek voice changers, only Daniel wanted one for Christmas.