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Last Updated: Friday October 12 2007 04:59 GMT

I think cloud-spotting is cool


Stargazing is when you can spot different stars and planets at night, but have you ever heard of cloud spotting?

Press Packer Adam is keen on cloud-spotting. Here's his report.

"An interesting thing to do on a nice day is to cloud spot.

It is a bit like stargazing but instead of looking at stars you look at clouds.

Cloud types

One of the most common clouds to spot is the Cumulus.

This cloud is appears at 5,000 feet from the ground.

The cloud that let's you know that it's going to rain is the Cumulonimbus. These are really tall clouds and the darker they are the heavier the rain will be.

Press Packer Adam
Press Packer Adam
This cloud starts at 7,000 feet and goes up to 35,000 feet.

Fog is also a type of cloud that is really close to the ground.

Cirrus clouds are similar to fog because they are really thin. The difference is that fog is always around us.

The Cirrus cloud is at around 35,000 feet but could go even higher.


When you are cloud spotting you don't actually have to do much. You just need to know all the different cloud types.

On a cloudy day you can do it, or even with a few clouds in the sky you can do it, but surprisingly the worst day for cloud spotting is when there's a clear sunny blue sky.

Cloud spotting can be done on nearly every day. It's really interesting and tells you what the weather will be like.

Adam, 12, England

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